Wall Lettering

Vinyl Wall LetteringPutting vinyl lettering directly on a wall is simple and fun! It can really change the look of a room and break up a dull color or colorless wall. As mentioned before, one of the great features of decorating with vinyl lettering is that it won’t peal your paint and if you are in a rental where you can’t paint, you can still personalize your place with vinyl lettering sayings wherever you like. Vinyl lettering is easy to peel off when you are tired of the saying or need to take it down for any reason…like a move.

I’ve seen vinyl lettering above pictures, by itself, around a clock, above a doorway, and just about anywhere you can imagine. Remember, that you can get vinyl lettering in many different colors which can be really fun if you have a boring white wall, or fun to use a contrasting color if your wall is already painted. By the way, from personal experience, a piece of advice….don’t wait to put up your vinyl lettering if you are thinking you might paint the wall “someday” and so you save it. Vinyl lettering is cheap enough that unless you have a specific date in mind to paint, you might as well put your saying up on the wall to enjoy now!

When you are deciding where to put your wall lettering, remember to take into consideration how long your wall is, how tall it is, or what space you want it to fill. The reasoning is that you don’t want to get too small of a font and have it look unbalanced. But then again, you don’t want to get it so large as to feel overbearing or not eye-pleasing. Sure you want to get some attention, but you want your vinyl lettering saying to get the right kind of attention. You want it to look tastefully done. Also, don’t worry about what the right height is to place your vinyl lettering. It really depends on how you are using it. I’ve seen it high above a sliding glass door, or any doorway for that matter. I’ve seen it down low by a side table in the living room. If you are putting it up by itself, I would recommend eye level, if you are considered average in height. I’ve heard it said in decorating books that a faux pas of decorating is that people tend to hang things such as pictures, or “vinyl lettering sayings” in our case, too high. It should be at eye level or just below. Just a tip. Take it for what it’s worth.

Applying vinyl lettering to your wall is simple. Even if your walls are considered bumpy or like “orange peel”, it will still work. You need to make sure you press the vinyl lettering down with a credit card, or your fingernail, making sure that you gently press it down evenly over the stickers so that it has a chance to adhere and not bubble up. (Just a note if it does bubble—you can poke it with a small needle, or even try to peel the sticker up slightly near the edge to lay it flat again.