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You can buy any size tile at your local hardware store and make a cute decoration for your wall, or to display on a stand. I have seen some really beautiful sayings put on a tile and given as gifts. (This would make a wonderful housewarming gift idea, or upcoming Christmas idea!) The great thing about putting a vinyl lettering saying on a tile, is that due to its size, the vinyl lettering is cheap! Recently, I purchased a tile with the vinyl lettering already on it for only $12 from a friend. (See picture of “Be” tile above.) She said it only cost her $9 to make (including the vinyl lettering and tile) and was a quick and easy project.
To get the lettering in the right size, you only need to measure your tile and when placing your order, make sure that you specify that this is the size of the tile itself. This is important so that you can then explain that you want the vinyl lettering to be slightly smaller to fit nicely within the tile. Most places will ask you if you want the vinyl lettering to fit the dimension given perfectly from edge to edge, or to be adjusted to fit within this measurement.

You can display a decorative tile anywhere in your home. I’ve seen them on kitchen counters, above kitchen cabinets, hanging on walls, sitting on a coffee table, side table, piano, entry way table, in the bathroom, on nightstands, etc. You really can use these decorative tiles in any setting. Remember that the font you choose can add to the feeling on the saying you use or the atmosphere of the room you display it.

If you choose to display your tile on a stand, you can buy stands in any price range, but I would say typically between $5-$15. Tiles also vary in price depending on what you choose, but can be as cheap as $2 a tile at a hardware store. The vinyl lettering can be as cheap at $2 for a simple saying such as “Give Thanks”. (I recently purchased the vinyl lettering “Give Thanks” for a 8” x 8” glass box for $2! This could have easily been put on a tile.)


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