Vinyl Lettering and Selling Your House

Recently we put our house up for sale on the market. We were hoping for a quick sale and one week later…we sold our house! We weren’t prepared for that quick of a sale, but happy nonetheless. You may be wondering what where the vinyl lettering comes into this story. Well, here it is. Just under two weeks from the closing date, we received a phone call from our realtor. She said that the buyers of the house would like us to leave our nails in the walls and the vinyl lettering up if we don’t mind. Weird. Flattering. Made me laugh out loud. It made me begin to think about how just a little bit of vinyl lettering really can make your home feel beautiful and stand out from other homes for sale. I’m not saying that the vinyl lettering is what sold our house, but I do think it helped the house show well.

Now for a sharp contrast…Just across the street directly in front of our home, is another house for sale. Quite a bit larger home than ours, and it has been on the market since about October 2008. Not too long ago it was repossessed by the bank. I can’t help but wonder if it was the overuse of vinyl lettering that turned potential buyers away! Now, I want you to know that I am not exaggerating the overuse of vinyl lettering. Every wall had at least one saying. Many sayings were even layered with vinyl lettering decals or other verbiage. Vinyl lettering was on fixed pieces of the home such as mirrors, walls, doors, bathroom shower surrounds, etc. I also saw it on non-fixed pieces of furnishings such as trash cans, boards, picture frames, etc. It all started out innocently enough. One saying here and there, but somehow the woman of the house took it to an extreme and something used to beautify the home, became an eye sore. Now, in her defense, she began to be a sale person for a vinyl lettering company, so I suppose having a variety of examples of uses is necessary. Last I heard, she is no longer selling the vinyl lettering, and now here sits a large vacant home marred with a terrible image and leaving the question of “how in the world am I going to get all that vinyl lettering off?” in a potential buyers mind.

Moral of the story—use vinyl lettering with discretion and taste just as you would any other decorating tool. Too much of a good thing, is no longer a good thing. In closing, anyone thinking of selling your home in the near future may want to consider adding just a little bit of flavor with a few good vinyl lettering sayings. It may be the thing that sets your home apart from the rest, and gets it sold faster!