Idea Gallery

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be helpful to suggest a few gift ideas that you can do with vinyl lettering. Some suggestions will come with a lengthy explanation, while others I’ll just list. These are in no particular order.

1. Christmas Ornament Balls
Last year for Christmas gifts (or rather a precursor to Christmas) I gave to all of my sisters, in-laws, mother, (basically all of the women in the family and a few friends) a cute shiny ball ornament with vinyl lettering that said: Peace, Joy, or some other Christmas saying. Then I tied a Christmas ribbon to hang it on the tree and put them each in a cute little Chinese take-out box filled with crinkly red and green shredded paper. I put their name on a cute gift tag to hang on the outside of the box. The whole ornament with box, tag, and everything worked out to be $1 per gift! You should have seen the looks on these ladies faces! You would have thought I really gave them something nice. They turned out beautiful and were fun to make. Just as a side note, you will want to be very, very, careful when attaching the vinyl lettering to the balls, as they are quite fragile and I did end up breaking 2 in the process.

2. Decorative plate with vinyl lettering saying
One year I received a “Santa plate” with vinyl lettering on it saying “For Santa” and a cute Santa face in the middle also in vinyl.

3. Tile, board, picture frame with Family Name and year established date

4. Tile with any saying

5. Give a favorite quote in vinyl lettering that they can take home and apply to their wall.

6. Make cute personalized gift tags with vinyl lettering