Decorative Signs

Decorative signs are fun and easy. The great thing about putting vinyl lettering on a sign, is that now it isn’t permanent-meaning, that when you pack up and move, you can take your sign with you! If you really like a certain saying, or know that you want something more permanent, then a decorative sign is the way to go. Some examples might be, your family name and year established, children’s names, etc. Of course you can put anything you want, anywhere you want, but it just seems more cost effective to put some sayings on a piece you can easily move around.

This comes in handy, especially if you aren’t certain of a permanent place for your saying. For instance, you may want to move this saying from your family room to your home entrance, or from your dining room to your kitchen, etc. It’s nice to know you won’t have to pay multiple times to get new vinyl lettering–simply move your decorative sign to a new location.

Decorative signs are also a nice gift. Think of the possibilities: housewarming, birthday, wedding, showers, sympathy, “just because” gifts.


You can stain or paint your board and apply the vinyl lettering to it once it is dry to the touch. This is a project that could take less than an hour or two to complete! Please remember to make certain of the placement of the vinyl lettering as it is not easy to adjust or move once it is sticking. This would especially be true if you just recently painted the board. You wouldn’t want it to bubble the paint by lifting the lettering to reapply. So, make sure you have measured and are certain of the letter placement.

You can also make a decorative sign using plexiglass framed. It actually gives you a new twist if you already have plenty of signs hanging up….