Vinyl Lettering Above an Atrium Door

I made a faux roman shade to cover my atrium door a few weeks ago. I love it! However, I am still wondering what to do about the window above the atrium door. You may be wondering…what does this have to do with vinyl lettering? Well, I am revisiting the idea of putting a pattern on the window (above the door) in vinyl lettering. A friend of mine suggested it, and it may just be the trick to help harness some of that sunlight that blinds us at the dinner table. I don’t want to cover it up completely, I simply want to filter the light that is streaming in right around dinnertime! I figure I could get vinyl lettering for that area for less than $20 buck and again, I won’t have to worry about something permanent because it’s vinyl lettering and peels right off!! What do you think?

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