Vinyl Lettering and Kids’ Rooms

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Today while out shopping, I was at DownEast Home Furnishings and saw the cutest little tray desk for a child’s room! I immediately ran over to it to check it out and saw that it had “Sydney” in vinyl lettering right in the middle of it. What a bummer that my child isn’t named Sydney! But then I thought, vinyl lettering is so easy to peel off and I can apply a new vinyl lettering name on it!

Kids love seeing their things personalized with their own name. Why not get creative and get some vinyl lettering with your child’s name on it? Imagine the possibilities? You could put their name on their door, a mirror, bed frame, picture frames, walls, stool, etc. One piece of advice, use a couple of examples and not ALL of the examples! Too much vinyl lettering can ruin an otherwise beautifully decorated room.


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