How to Install Vinyl Lettering

Get up and running with your vinly lettering in no time at all.

Here is a quick overview of installing your wall lettering

First, prepare your wall and your decorative lettering, Second, position and tape decorative lettering down, then remove the backing paper. Lastly, burnish your vinyl lettering and remove the transfer tape.

Below is a more detailed description for hanging your wall lettering.

Step 1 – Prepare Your Wall
Wash your wall with a mild household cleaner. Rinse and dry the wall completely.
Decide where you want your expression to be placed and lightly pencil small guide-lines on your wall.
Make another small guide-mark indicating where you want the center of your expression.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Decorative Lettering
Unroll your expression. (It may need to lay flat in a warm area until it no longer curls.)
Lay your expression on a table or other smooth surface (so that you can read your expression). Rub over the entire surface of your expression with an applicator (or credit card). This will ensure that the lettering adheres to the transfer tape.
Place a yardstick or other straight edge on your expression and line it up with the bottom of your lettering. (If the font does not have an even baseline, choose a repeating letter and place the yardstick at the bottom edge of these repeating letters.) Using the yardstick as your guide, pencil a line along the bottom of your lettering. This guide-line will match up to the guide-line you have penciled on the wall.

Step 3 – Position and Tape Decorative Lettering
The small arrow indicates the horizontal center of your expression. Line this arrow up with the center guide-mark you placed on the wall earlier.
Match up the guide-line you penciled on your expression with the guide-line you penciled on the wall.
With the expression in the desired position, place small pieces of painter’s tape or masking tape along the top of edge of your expression. These pieces of tape act as “hinges” and should be placed approximately every six inches.

Step 4 – Remove Backing PaperFlip your expression up and slowly peel the backing paper away from the transfer tape. (The lettering will adhere to the sticky transfer tape. The backing paper will be blank.)
Carefully lay the expression back down into position on the wall and smooth the entire surface.

Step 5 – Burnish Your ExpressionUsing an applicator or a credit card, firmly rub the entire expression, giving special attention to the edges of each letter.

Step 6 – Remove Transfer TapeSlowly peel the transfer tape from the wall.
Remove the arrow from the wall and erase your guide-lines.

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