Endless Possibilities

Decorating with vinyl lettering and other decals really does have endless possibilities. By adding a simple phrase or even the font style you choose, can change the look and feel of the room you are decorating. Whether it is playful, serious, sophisticated, elegant, whimsical, romantic, warm, cool, or whatever you choose to showcase, you can decide simply by choosing the right font and/or even the right color. The best part of vinyl lettering is that not only is it cheaper than paint, but it is more easily changeable! Wouldn’t you like to change the feel of your room in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours of painting? And while we are on the subject of paint, did you know that you can take vinyl lettering down without worrying about ruining your paint! And for those of you who live in an apartment, where most lease agreements specify the “NO PAINTING” rule, you can decorate with color on your walls to bring out your personality and not break the rules doing it!—Not to mention not breaking the bank to do it. Depending on the size and length of your saying or decal, vinyl lettering can vary in price any where from $1 to close to $100. But I would say the majority of your selections will be in the range of $10 to $40. When you are ready to price it out, but weary! I’ve noticed that there is a huge price swing in vinyl lettering. If you are really lucky, you will know someone who prints vinyl lettering out of the home. This will cut the price by half at least! There are many vinyl lettering companies that are popping up that seem to have higher prices due to overhead costs, color choice, and maybe even the ability to print more advanced curvey text. The bottom line here is that you really do want to check around and get the best deal you can. Afterall, if you can find it cheaper and it is the same font and color, than not only do you save a buck, but now you can purchase more vinyl lettering because you’ll have the money to do it! Another great way to get your vinyl lettering or decals for cheaper, is to host a “vinyl lettering party”. These parties are your typical tupperwear, scrapbooking-like parties where the more vinyl lettering your friends buy, the more vinyl lettering you get for free or discounted! I can tell you I’ve been to a vinyl lettering party or two, and you wouldn’t believe what people will spend on this stuff! It is like an addiction! It makes such a difference in the appearance of your home and can make a great Christmas gift, birthday gift, or any gift for that matter. Women love this stuff, but even the guys can be pleased with the right saying. How ‘bout a saying for the garage? Or some cute footballs, basketballs, numbers for your sons room?

I love that not only can you have a beautiful eye-catching display by using vinyl lettering to present your thought or idea, but you can also impart words of wisdom to your friends and family by the phrase you choose to display! Have I mentioned the possibilities are endless with vinyl lettering?

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