Endless Possibilities

Decorating with vinyl lettering and other decals really does have endless possibilities. By adding a simple phrase or even the font style you choose, can change the look and feel of the room you are decorating. Whether it is playful, serious, sophisticated, elegant, whimsical, romantic, warm, cool, or whatever you choose to showcase, you can decide simply by choosing the right font and/or even the right color. Continue reading Endless Possibilities

Vinyl lettering

I love decorating with vinyl lettering! I think once you see how beautiful vinyl lettering can look in your home, you will love it too! The decorating possibilities are endless! Vinyl lettering can be put on just about any surface. It is not just for your walls. Vinyl lettering adheres to:

walls (smooth or orange peal surface)
automobiles and other recreational vehicles
your front door of your home!